Elipet Rotating Feather Cat Toy Review

Elipet Rotating Feather Cat Toy Review

There are many reasons why you may wish to invest in a cat toy. It has been proven that cat toys are a great way for you to form a bond between yourself and your pet.

If you have a cat which has behavioral issues or doesn't seem to respect you as an owner, using cat toys is an excellent way to get them back on your side. Unlike dogs, cats are pretty prideful animals, studies have demonstrated that cats think of human beings as other cats, whereas dogs look at us as masters.

This accounts for the perceived lack of respect from cats that many people tend to discuss. Cats believe in social hierarchy amongst their kind, and you must use this to your advantage as an owner.

When you provide fun and meals for cats, you may or may not be reinforcing your status as being at the top of the hierarchy. Every cat is different, and they have different wants and different things that they enjoy.

A lot of being a cat owner is experimentation, as you slowly learn what your cat prefers and ways to make them more friendly.

Some would argue that owning a cat is more complicated than owning a dog. We would say that both species have their challenges. Cat toys are some of the more important parts of being a cat owner, however. Having ways to keep them occupied will keep cats in a better place, both physically and mentally.

 Teaser is removable.

Today, we are going to be reviewing one of the best cat toys around. Before we get to the actual review, however, we are going to take a look at two characteristics that can go a long way towards making a regular cat toy one of the best around. Both of these features are also present on the toy we will be reviewing.

Catnip Compartment

Not all cats are fond of toys as soon as you bring them home. It can take time for your cat to grow accustomed to a toy. They may not even approach the toy, at first. One of the best ways to get your cat to start liking a new toy is to make use of their favorite substance: catnip.

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Catnip will attract cats to nearly anything, and your new toy is no exception. Many toys come with compartments that are built to hold catnip so your cat can approach the toy in the first place. These compartments tend to be off-limits to the cat, so the catnip is not taken or eaten.

Noise Reduction

A lot of electronic cat toys tend to feature a reasonable level of noise reduction. Electric motors can emit a good deal of noise, and without sound dampening materials, these motors can scare cats away with their whining noises. If you want your cat to approach, the noises will have to be either diminished or negated.

Noise reduction is not only for cats, however. You will find that cat toys which feature reduced noise are more enjoyable for people as well. It could get quite annoying to hear the same sound over and over again as your cat plays with its toy.

The Product

This electronic feather cat toy is made by Elipet. Elipet is a small manufacturer, but this product is made to relatively high standards, which is not something you see every day from smaller cat toy makers.


  • Electronic feather rotates using battery power
  • Base plate features a ball which is made for catnip containment
  • Removable wand can also be used by hand
  • Includes sound dampening materials for the motor
  • Uses two AAA batteries (not included)
  • Made partly of recycled plastic
Electric Rotate Best Interactive Cat Feather Toys Teaser Motion Kitten Toys


This product is an excellent feather toy in several different categories. First, it has a longer battery life than many competing models as it uses less power to operate. This feature allows the toy to run for longer periods of time between battery replacements, which can manage to save you a good deal of money.

The inclusion of noise reducing materials around the motor ensures that this toy will not scare your cats away or get on your nerves while it is operating. One of the more unique aspects is that the wand can be removed from its cradle and used manually. This is a great feature if you want to interact with your cat personally or if you are out of batteries.

The inclusion of a ball which may be filled with catnip in the base of this toy ensures that you will always have a way to attract your cats to it. Once they play with it for a few times, you will find that they fall in love with it in no time.

What Others Say

We also looked at what customers had to say about this product in their reviews. Many customers were highly satisfied with this product, and it has a relatively high average when it comes to ratings. Primarily, customers were pleased with how easy it was to get their cats to play with this toy.

Electric Rotate Best Interactive Cat Feather Toys Teaser Motion Kitten Toys

Regarding negatives, there were a few reviews that stood out. Some customers had issues with the durability of this product, stating that it broke within a short amount of time after being delivered. Another customer had a problem with the stability of this product, as their cats kept knocking it over.

Buying Advice

This is a rather expensive product when compared to other, similar electronic feather cat toys. It is priced at around 30 dollars, which is almost double the price of some of the competition in this very same category. This product can be found at Amazon and other retailers online.


This cat toy is a great choice for owners who are too busy to play with their cats all the time. The removable wand allows you to play with your cat manually, or you can place it back in the cradle and let the toy work automatically, the choice is yours.

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