Debunking Myths About Cat Sociality

Debunking Myths About Cat Sociality

If you engage a dog owner and a cat owner in a discussion about which pet is best, there?s a good chance you?ll hear a few cat myths being thrown around. The most common one is about their social tendencies, and wondering are cats social animals?

Anyone who?s owned a cat before could tell you that they certainly are, and many find them to be loyal companions. We?re going to look further into the issue to find out are cats asocial, and in what ways they can bring joy to your life.

Are Cats Asocial?

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When compared to dogs, cats often get a bad rap because they?re not as lively and upbeat as most canines. However, owning a cat will bring you a very sociable relationship and one that is full of affection, attention, and warmth.

Research has found that cats treat their owners like other cats, and this level of social connection can sometimes be misconstrued for independence or coldness. However, rest assured that if your cat is speaking to you or rubbing against your leg, it means that they like you.

There are many different breeds of cats and within those breeds, each one has their own personality, so you could never label the entire species as asocial. As a whole though, the cat species is a loving and affectionate one, which any owner will be able to attest to.

The Joys Of Owning A Cat

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There are so many great benefits to be found by owning a cat, and asking any cat owner will show you what their favorites are. Here are just some things that can be enjoyed by having your own feline pet:

Having a cat means you have a constant companion. They?ll always be happy to see you arrive home from work, want to be near you in the house wherever you are, and you?ll never feel as though you?re alone.

Most cats are vocal beings and this can seem as though they are genuinely talking to you. Some breeds are louder than others for those who really want to feel as though they?re having a conversation.

Cats are very playful beings and appreciate all manner of toys and accessories. They like expensive toys or are happy playing with something as simple as a toilet paper roll, so you?ll always have fun with them.

Cats appreciate a bit of downtime as well and when you want to relax they will gladly do the same right by your side.

The next time someone tries to tell you that cats are asocial; you can point out all of these things and more. For those who have lived with a cat before they?ll be able to testify just how much human interaction they love to have, which we appreciate greatly.

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