Buying Guide To Finding The Best Cat Scratching Post

Buying Guide To Finding The Best Cat Scratching Post

As we all know, cats are very finicky creatures who are not easily pleased.  They can easily become restless and bored, which may lead them to creating disturbances and damage in the home. If they are not given the proper care and attention, they can make life very difficult for a pet owner.

Properly taking care of your cat often consists of finding them the correct item which they can lounge on, scratch and play around with so they do not cause any damage to your home. As any pet owner knows, a cat can create a great deal of damage to items in the house which should be off-limits to them.

Cat using a scratching post.

The following buying guide provides a detailed set of reviews for the best cat scratching post, and we will mention several quality cat posts which provide superior quality in this category.  Since cats are well known for becoming easily bored with their toys and other objects, finding the right item for them could be somewhat of a challenge.

In other words, you will have to do a little more than just scratch the surface to find the best scratching post for cat. The following article takes all the guesswork out of finding the best cat scratcher, as it breaks down all the specifics related to the products. 

Other than the expert reviews we will be going over, we?ll also be covering how you can find the best cat scratching post on the market. We?ll do this by going over some of the essential features that you will need to consider when you are making your purchase.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced buyer or a new cat owner, this buying guide will provide you with all of the necessary info. Knowledge is power, and that is never more true than when you are buying something new.

Keeping your cat happy and content could be a difficult task, therefore, we try and make it a little easier by educating and informing you on these fantastic products. 

Best Cat Scratching Post

Winner ? PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge


  • Cat scratcher, lounge and more in one unit
  • Promotes natural scratching for healthy claws, stress relief and exercise
  • Made from recycled cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue
  • check
    Stylish curve design for easy scratching and comfort
  • check
    Reversible for twice the use
  • check
    Offers a large surface area for multiple cats or larger cats
  • check
    Organic catnip leaf included
  • check
    Comes in neutral colors
  • check
    Model PF-CL1
  • check
    Item dimensions: 34 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches
  • check
    Item weight: 7.5 lbs
  • check
    6-month warranty for manufacturer's defect

The PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge is an item that your pet will love to use over and over again. This functional pet item is expertly designed for your cat to keep interest in it for as long as possible.  Of course, this does not only benefit your cat.

As a responsible pet owner, it also serves to benefit your interests as well by keeping your cat occupied and preventing them from creating damage to your home.

Serving double duty as a cool scratching posts for cats and a lounge device, this item will ensure your cat keeps returning to it and using it repeatedly.

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Manufactured from recycled cardboard, this item is custom made for cats who spend a significant portion of their time playing, scratching and lounging.  And of course, the behaviors mentioned above apply to all cats.

It is a well-known fact that felines are natural scratchers, who seem to scratch just for the heck of it. The scratching activity is one which a cat learns when it is a kitten that is in the process of growing up.  As a result, cats thoroughly enjoy the feeling of cardboard to scratch upon.

As a valid replacement for your expensive furniture, your cat will be more than content to scratch the less expensive cardboard. Therefore, potential furniture damage from your pet can be eliminated by this device. So, if your home has gone to the cats, it is time to take it back!

Adding additional value to the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge, it features a clean, modern design which incorporates extremely well with most any home design. There is no need to hide the unit away when guests arrive, as it makes an aesthetically pleasing addition to the surroundings.  

And for a touch of variety, this heavy duty cat scratching post comes in multiple neutral colors.

Runner Up ? Pioneer Pet SmartCat Scratching Post


  • Durable design for cats to obtain a full stretch
  • Constructed from fibrous sisal which encourages scratching
  • Permits vertical stretching with 32-inch height
  • check
    Solid and sturdy base eliminates tipping, swaying and wobbling
  • check
    Easy assembly with two included screws
  • check
    Item Model No: 3832
  • check
    Item Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 35 inches
  • check
    Item Weight: 1 lb

If a tall scratching post is what your cat desires most, then Pioneer Pet SmartCat Scratching Post has you and your cat covered with a substantial height of 32 inches. There are several reasons why cats like to stretch vertically, which provides a full healthy stretch. 

In addition to properly toning the cat?s muscles, the vertical stretch also implements territorial marking purposes.

It is also done to relieve boredom, frustration and stress and ?warm-up? for an active session.

The SmartCat Scratching Post serves to maximize your cat?s scratching pleasure, as it provides an appealing target for your pet.

This unit is made from fibrous woven sisal fiber, which, in addition to encouraging stretching, is durable.

To reduce wobbling or tipping over, the item comes complete with a 16?x16? sturdy wide base.

Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post

From an aesthetic viewpoint, this item can easily fit into any type of decor, since it incorporates neutral tones. The product is easily assembled by attaching the base to the post by utilizing the two included screws.

For one of the best cat scratching posts for large cats, it certainly cannot get any simpler. So if your cat is a favorite of the vertical stretch, you may want to give this quality item a try.

Alternative ? AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree With Scratching Posts


  • Dual platform indoor cat tree
  • Four scratching posts wrapped in jute rope
  • Round top platform doubles as a cat bed
  • check
    Square shaped stable base for placement in the corner of a room
  • check
    Made from paper tubes, MDF, carpet and jute
  • check
    Model No: CT-80
  • check
    Item size: 17.7 x 17.7 x 44.9 inches
  • check
    16.3 lbs

Merging the mutual benefits of an outdoor tree with the safety of indoor cat furniture, the AmazonBasics Cat Tree will quickly become a favorite hangout for your cat or kitten.  An extremely versatile product, this unique cat tree features the perfect surface for your cat to scratch and sharpen their claws. 

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

This item also works well as a play space, allowing your feline to show off their jumping and climbing activity. And if that is not enough, this item also includes a comfortable area for a nap.

As one of the best scratching post for cats, the Amazon Basic Cat Tree has a very effective two-tier design. This allows your cat to easily climb or leap between the two levels.  For the ultimate experience for your cat, you can place this unit in front of a window so your pet can enjoy the outside view.

Durably constructed, this product is made from compressed wood with a carpet surface and four posts which are wrapped in jute rope. It caters to your cat?s desires, as the materials provide an ideal surface for sharpening claws and giving your cat traction for climbing. 

Your cat will be naturally attracted to these surfaces and will certainly enjoy spending time on the tree.

To avoid the tree from tipping over and spooking kitty or, worse, creating damage, this item is equipped with a square-shaped study base which is stable and reliable. Due to its enhanced durable design, the cat tree can easily accommodate more than one cat at a time.

The top platform has a round design and is built with tall sides which feature a curved top rim which adds comfort for your lounging cat. 

This top circular area makes for an extremely cozy sleeping space for your cat. So if your kitty is of the adventurous persuasion, this item will provide a positive outlet for their curiosity.

Alternative ? Trixie Parla Scratching Post


  • Scratching post wrapped in durable natural sisal
  • Stable base wrapped in soft plush
  • Wood is CARB Phase II compliant
  • check
    One year warranty
  • check
    Item Model No: 43332
  • check
    Item dimensions: Floor 15.75 x 15.75 inches; Post 3.5 inches; Height 24.25 inches
  • check
    Item weight 5.7 lbs

Providing unlimited opportunities for your cat to scratch, explore, play or just relax, the Trixie Parla Scratching Post is an ideal item for such activity.  

Your invaluable kitty will spare your expensive furniture or carpet and sharpen her claws on the scratching post instead, which is covered with a durable sisal fiber.

The enticing post provides a healthy outlet for your cat to satisfy their scratching instincts (including being able to perform a full vertical stretch), which can be intense at times.

In addition to the scratching post, the stable base has a plush cover which can be utilized by your feline to stretch out or steal a catnap. 

Integrating the Trixie Parla Scratching Post is easily done since it consists of subtle neutral tones which seamlessly blend into your home's decor.

TRIXIE Pet Products Parla Scratching Post

This item is suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels.  Its vertical design provides an ideal environment for cats to fully stretch and get the full benefit from their activity.  Your cat will get a great deal of enjoyment and value out of this item.  This product comes with a one year warranty.

Alternative ? Animals Favorite Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Butterfly Toy


  • Fun cat toy provides a healthy distraction for your cat?s hunting instincts
  • Made from sisal fiber and other safe, non-toxic, non-harmful materials
  • Playful interactive toy with butterfly at the top section
  • check
    Comfortable and functional platform material for scratching
  • check
    Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • check
    Space saving size
  • check
    Item Dimensions: Height: 19.1 inches; Stand diameter 11.8 inches
  • check
    Item weight 2.9 lbs*

Fulfilling your cat?s two basic needs, the Animal?s Favorite Cat Scratching Post is ideal satisfying scratching a playing, something your cat will spend a significant amount of time doing. In addition to the conducive scratching platform situated at the bottom, there is a hanging butterfly which simulates wildlife and satisfies your cat?s natural hunting instincts.

Animals Favorite Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Butterfly Toy

This item also features an appealing lookout post for lounging out above ground, and it gives cats many possibilities where they can explore, play and relax.

This excellent product will save wear on your valuable furniture, carpet, and rugs, providing your kitty cat with a viable alternative to scratch, play and lounge on.

This is one of the best scratch post for kittens, as they can adequately sharpen their claws, enabling a healthy alternative to satisfy their instincts.

This unit is suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels and does not contain any harmful chemicals, loose ends or artificial dyers that can harm or injure your cat.

With its 19 inch height, the durable sisal fiber provides a perfect surface for your cat to vertically stretch fully. The unit is light and portable and can be placed anywhere where you would want to keep an eye on your cat.  It is also easily disassembled, permitting you to take it on vacation or on the road. 

Why Your Cat Needs A Stretching Post

There are several important reasons why a stretching post is vital to your cat?s physical and mental health. Stretching and scratching is not just something your cat does just for the heck of it. There are significant benefits to your cat stretching and scratching on a consistent basis. A stretching post encourages your cat to maintain this activity without getting bored.

Stretching is beneficial in that it allows your cat to properly exercise and tone muscles.  This is very important if they are warming up for vigorous play activity or exercise. The activity will help keep them limber and in good shape as they age. The stretching is also a way for your cat to mark their territory, as it is very instinctive.

Also, cats enjoy scratching on a post to remove old nail sheaths from the claws and sharpen their nails. The scratching activity also relieves stress, boredom, and frustration, keeping your pet happy and content. A stretching post is a must for those who would like to preserve valuable furniture, rugs, and carpets.

Benefits Of Cat Scratching Post

A cat scratching post serves many benefits to not only your cat but to you and your home furnishings as well. This is a win-win-win situation for all involved.  In fact, once you obtain a cat scratching post and see its benefits, you will wonder how you managed to live without one.

Kitten using a scratching post.

The most obvious benefit of the cat scratching post is that it allows your cat to properly stretch, stimulating them on both a physical and mental level. The scratching post also helps your cat maintain their claws in tip-top shape. Also, there are some scratching posts where your cat can hang out on and take its catnap.

The post also serves as a distraction to the cat, preventing the onset of boredom. It is also a distraction from your more expensive furniture and carpets, which the cat will no longer scratch on, once given the option of the post.    

On What To Pay Attention To When Choosing Your Scratching Post


The size of your cat scratching post is something which is vital for the comfort and care of your cat. If you have just one small cat, then it would be best to purchase a smaller post which would suffice. 

If you have a larger cat or multiple cats, then you would be best advised to obtain a larger post so your cats will have enough surface area to stretch (especially when they do a full stretch).

The size of the unit is also important in that it allows you to fit it into your home or apartment. If you have a small living space, then you would be better off getting a more compact unit which easily disassembles. 

A larger living space is better suited for larger posts with sleeping quarters, etc. Make sure you keep the size of your cat and living quarters in mind when selecting.

Quality Of Material

You should pay close attention to the type of material which is utilized to construct the cat scratching post. It would be best for the unit to be built from a durable material such as sisal fiber or cardboard.

This material should be strong enough so that it does not come apart and become damaged after just a few uses.

Sisal rope on a cat scratching post.

Considering that your cat will be spending a significant amount of time lying on the unit, the material should also be non-toxic and non-harmful to your feline. It is vital that scratching on the material does not release any chemicals which could make your cat ill or injure them. 

Pay close attention to the labels to see exactly what types of ingredients are used to make the material. Ingredients which are natural are better for your cat and your home environment, as you would expect.

Size Of Your Cat

The size of your cat plays a key role in the size and type of unit you decide to select.  A smaller cat may be more content with a cozy, compact unit, as they do not require as much surface area as a larger cat for stretching. If the scratching post is only to be used for kittens, then a smaller unit would be more suitable.

A larger cat may require more surface area and additional play functions (such as dual levels) to stay interested in the product. In this case, a higher vertical size post is also a necessity. As you are aware, your larger cat enjoys jumping and exercising. Therefore, you should provide them with the area to do so.

In essence, the size of your cat is certainly a determining factor in the type of cat scratching post you ultimately decide to purchase.

Extra Add-Ons (Features)

Depending on the type of scratching post you purchase, there are multiple add-ons which can be considered. Such features include an area for your cat to sleep, numerous tiered platforms to jump on and wildlife simulation such as a toy butterfly.

Cone-shaped scratching post that doubles as a bed.

All these features enhance the product?s value, as they provide additional healthy activities for your cat.

With regards to these extra features, it is best that you know your cat and decide on a product which is in line to their personality. If your cat enjoys batting at things in the air, then maybe a hanging toy butterfly would be suitable for it.


When it comes to your cat, only the best will do. Within this buying guide, we have reviewed the best cat scratching post for you and your cat?s needs. Although the product concept is rather simple, not all cat scratching posts are alike. We have provided you with a thorough analysis of the best posts which we recommend for purchase.

Keeping your cat happy and healthy and your furniture void of damages is something which will significantly enhance your pet owning experience. Since cats are for the most part internal creatures, it is important that you provide them with a healthy outlet to channel their boredom and frustrations. 

A scratching post is an economical and simple solution to your cat?s physical and mental needs. It will allow your kitten to properly exercise itself while it is growing and your grown cat to maintain its health. Armed with the correct information about this device, it should be simple for you to make an informed decision as an educated consumer.

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